Books by sweetpaprika:

The Art of Arctic Cookery

At Home in Namibia: The Joy of Open Pit Cooking

Tea with Salt and Yak Butter and Other Tibetan Delights

The Cook’s Companion: 100 Things to Do with Hamburger Helper

Cholent: Jewish Cuisine to Die For

The Complete Book of Corn Smut

Get your Groove on: Shake ‘N Bake Made Easy

The High Fiber Diet Book: Give Gruel a Chance

You Don’t Have to Be a Whiz to Cook with Cheez Whiz: 101 Tantalizing Recipes from a Tube

Offal: Did You Have Any Doubt?


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  1. David Wronski
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 03:06:14

    At last cook books and books on cooking that get into the really forgotten and overlooked—but essential—corners of gastronomia. You have given me new reason to go on living. I feel as though I’ve been dusted with holy sweet paprika and my heart is beating to a gypsy melody heard from some camplight serenade.


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