Grapefruit Granita Cocktail

Grapefruit granitaThis is the most refreshing cocktail I know.  If this doesn’t cool you off on a steamy summer day, I don’t know what will. Notice that the sugar syrup isn’t diluted with water, but grapefruit juice is added. Enjoy!

Grapefruit Granita Cocktail

1.    Squeeze juice from 3 red or pink grapefruits, Strain.

2.   Heat ¼ cup of juice with ¼ cup sugar until sugar dissolves.  Pour back into rest of juice.

3.   Add ¼ cup grapefruit vodka. (Alcohol will prevent the mixture from freezing hard.)

4.   Pour into a container and place in freezer.  (I used an 8” by 8” metal pan.)

5.   After a couple of hours scrape through mixture with a fork to break up. Place back in freezer.

6.   Repeat.

7.   When a slushy granita forms, scoop into martini glasses.

8.   Top with a splash of the grapefruit vodka, strawberry liqueur or prosecco.

9.   Garnish with a fresh strawberry.





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