Food Photography for Everyone

More Digital Food Photography, written by my super-talented teammate, Bill Brady, is coming out on May 9.  Bill is a food photographer extraordinaire. He has combined his passion for food and photography to become a highly accomplished food and drink photographer.

Here’s what Bill has to say about his new book:

The original title Digital Food Photography was written by one of my competitors around 6 years ago. When I was asked to author the second edition I jumped at the opportunity. After the contract was signed I struggled to give shape to the central point. Shooting food professionally is one thing but distilling the method down so that people could understand it is another. As my good friend Mark Giovannini once said, “Pretend like I was from Mars and just landed in my spaceship, how would you explain it to me so I can understand it easily.”


I kept asking myself who is this book for? Finally it occurred to me it should be for anyone that wants to shoot food photography regardless of their level. I decided to break it up into simple ideas that could easily be understood.

What I arrived at was a step by step process that teaches photography using food as its subject. My thesis is that in order to take outstanding food photos you must learn photography in general. Its concepts, rules and techniques. There are certain skills you have to learn to take any type of photograph but then to capture food images you need to learn the tricks of the trade so to speak.

I learned through experience and on the job training. I wanted to be able to convey the basics then build lessons for more complex studio images. The book became somewhat of a challenge but once I started it shaped up nicely.

The book is available on Amazon for pre-order and is coming out May 9th. <>

I would urge you to consider buying it if you ever wanted to elevate your own images to a more professional level. We discuss everything from simple lighting with natural light to shooting in the commercial environment. We also discuss the business of photography, how to deal with clients and how to bid on jobs.

The book is for you the readers of my blog who strive to make your food images better. There are tips on food styling, ways to collaborate with other food people to get a more professional result.

When I first started out, there were no guide books or blueprints into the professional photography world let alone into the high stakes food photography genre.

Here is the final photo from the food styling chapter where we detail how to style this dish.


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