Briarcliff Farmers Market at Full Tilt

Over halfway through the season and the Briarcliff Farmers Market couldn’t be more bustling.  Today’s offerings included all the usual winter vegetables–new potatoes, beets, parsnips, to mention a few. There was a wonderful selection of greens, including pea shoots and mesclun and apples glowing with color. I can’t resist the lovely fresh pullet eggs from Nancy of Feather Ridge Farm.  Also homemade doughnuts from Migliorelli always call my name.  Cream and milk (not ultrapasteurized) is always a must.  The fresh shitake mushrooms find their way into my shopping bag.  Goat cheese, aromatic breads, steaks, chickens and freshly caught fish add to the mix.  And filling the air, the lively music of Deuces Child.  Another Saturday morning and I’m on my way home mulling over new ways to use my bounty.

Briarcliff Indoor Farmers Market is located in the Briarcliff Congregatinal Church Parish House, 30 S. State Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY


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