Croton Farmers Market at Peak of Season

There’s no better time of year to experience the real deal —ripe produce picked no more than a few days before its arrival in the market.    Tomatoes –heirloom,  cherry , grape, yellow teardrop and those beautiful striped Tigerella.  Peaches are dead ripe at last.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful for my weekly trip to the Croton Farmers Market.  Finally a respite from all the heat.  It was an invitation to stroll leisurely and allow a few photos to tell the story themselves.

Ronnybrook Farm offers a variety of both  mild and piquant artisanal cheeses.  I couldn’t resist their Camembert.  You’ll also notice their yogurt, milk, and heavy cream, that’s pasteurized, of course, not ultrapasteurized.  The pasteurized tastes better and whips better.  The flavor has not been cooked out of it.

Farmers Markets Continue in Full Swing

Tigerella tomatoes

I have been planning  my family meals around farmers market offerings.  Today I discovered these beautiful striped  Tigerella tomatoes at the Croton market.  They were sweet and juicy with a red interior.  I know it’s late in the season, but I still can’t believe I bought two trays of impatiens for a dollar a pot from Hodgson Farm.

The peaches are the star of my next post,  peach pie with a crumb topping.  The beets and tomatoes are from the Pleasantville market. Check out the adorable cupcakes from Flour and Sun Bakery in Pleasantville (a little side trip from the farmers market.)

Fragrant peaches at last!

The colors of summer!

Hodgson Farm Succulents

Colorful mini tomatoes

Uprooted this morning

Orange beets

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