Love at First Sip

I love my espresso machine.  It not only makes exquisite espresso and cappuccino, but appears to have a brain.  It makes grinding and explosive noises to let me know what stage of the coffee-making process it’s experiencing.  It also notifies me of its various needs with a unique flashing signal for each–needs water, needs beans, needs emptying of grounds and then, of course, its readiness for steaming.  I am spoiled.  Regular coffee no longer satisfies.  No, I don’t have any stock in the company, but this coffee and its heady crema have become one of life’s special pleasures.  Try this: stir a teaspoon of L imoncello into a double espresso.

Luckily I have found the perfect source for coffee beans.  A quick phone call to 1st in Coffee and my bags of Lavazza beans arrive the next day.  These seem to be the  perfect bean for my Saeco machine.  Of course, many gourmet espresso coffee brands and machines are available. Phone (800) 709 8210;



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